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What are Cataracts?

While cataracts might be able to affect your vision, the disease is actually a very normal part of aging. Cataracts is more often found in older patients as the lens “clouds over”, a process where the lens of your eye degenerates and clumps together, forming opaque spots.

These spots develop overtime and prevent your eye from receiving light. Cataracts can begin by looking like you are developing nearsightedness, but as you age your vision can get worse without proper intervention from our trained optometrists.

Types of Cataracts?

Cataracts is a disease that comes in a variety of forms, but all of which deal with the eventual cloudiness of your lens.

Form at the center of your lens and often takes the shape of nearsightedness.

Start at the edges of your lens. Wedge-like shapes begin to form around the edges, but overtime can cover the rest of your lens.

Develop when you are born, usually as a side-effect from genetics or other diseases which might be present.

Form at the back of your lens, directly affecting the travel of light entering your eye.

Cataract Symptoms

Patients dealing with cataracts generally find their vision blurring as the age, as well as having difficulty seeing in low light. Cataracts can also cause patients to see rings or halos around sources of light as well as have double vision in one or both of their eyes.

What Can You Do?

Booking an eye exam is the first step for treating your cataract symptoms. After speaking to your optometrist, they can help you find a solution that fits you the best including prescribing corrective eyeglasses and contacts, or possibly even surgery if you are a viable candidate for the procedure.

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